What is a bison grille guard?
It is a high end no nonsense grille guard for semi trucks for protection from collision with wildlife.
What are the characteristics of a bison grille guard?
It is made with high tensile strength marine grade aluminum. 6063 T5 ½’’thick for the bumper and 6063 T4 ¼’’ thick for the tubing. It is also used because of its light weight.
What is the difference with a bison grille guard and our competitors?
Our unique style of placing the guard further ahead of the grille to minimize damage to the hood area in any collision.
Do you do custom work?
At our customers request we can customize to any spec that they may require, but with keeping in the parameters of our design.
What is the weight of a bison grille guard?
They typically weigh between 300 to 450 lbs, depending on the model.
Where can I purchase a bison grille guard?
At any Mack & Volvo dealer across North America. All International dealers across Canada. Call for closest location.
Can I repair a bison Grille Guard?
Depending on the severity of the damage, it can be repaired.
Do you offer colors?
We do offer colors, only in a powder coating process.
What about warranty?
One year material on workmanship to original buyer. We can e-mail full warranty at your request.
What about shipping?
FOB Winnipeg Canada to any business only. Call for a quote today. You can also pick up at our factory.
What about shipping into the US.
Since the bison Grille Guards are manufactured in Canada, there is no duty when we ship into the US. There is a brokerage fee per shipment. Call for more information.
Do you make for all different models of trucks on the road?
We do have a multitude of plans for most truck models, old and new. We do update our plans whenever new trucks are available.
How do I maintain the shine?
We recommend a good metal polish which you can purchase at any truck Dealer.
What is the result in animal collisions?
From past history our customers told us that deer hits were not an issue.Buffalo and moose hits did cause damage, but because of the design of the Grille guard, damage to key components such as the air to air and radiator were considerably reduced.
What about driving lights?
We do have brackets on the first tube above the bumper to remount the Driving lights from the original bumper. We can also include more brackets at the customers request for added lights.
How do I check my Oil?
The bumper is held by two eyebolts which when undone, the bumper tips forward allowing for that process.
Can I tow my truck with the Bison Grille Guard?
There is a tow box with a 1 ¾” steel pin in the centre of the bison grille guard. This allows for towing without having to tip the bumper forward.