Product Design

S&V's Bison products are the best Grille Guards on the market distinguished by their key features of Strength and Quality.

They are designed to provide maximum protection and to withstand the demands of the diverse and often harsh environments they are exposed to. S&V designs and builds handcrafted Grille Guards for all makes and models of trucks.

We have leveraged the industry reputation of our skilled team for our work in designing and creating high quality front end protection products for the trucking industry.

Our commitment to service excellence is valued by our network of dealers.

Our chief designer, Ricky Boodoo, has developed an impressive reputation for his work in designing products to safeguard the investments of hardworking truckers in the transportation industry.

Combined with his commitment to quality and excellent customer service Ricky takes pride as the company General Manager in providing honest, reliable advice to S&V's customers to ensure that he meets their needs.