Parts Catalogue

Use the part number field shown on the parts lists to order BISON Grille Guards. The Part Number is easy to read and to determine which truck it refers to. For example ; SAVVNL610-2B

Index Ref Part Number Manufacturer For Truck Models
SV2000 I59002F International 5900 2 Poster SFA
SV2001 I59004F International 5900 4 Poster SFA
SV2002 I85002F International 8500 2 Poster SFA
SV2003 I85004F International 8500 4 Poster SFA
SV2004 I86002F International 8600 2 Poster SFA
SV2005 I86004F International 8600 4 Poster SFA
SV2006 I9200i2B International I9200i 2 Poster SBA
SV2007 I9200i4B International I9200i 4 Poster SBA
SV2008 I93002F International 9300 2 Poster SFA
SV2009 I93004F International 9300 4 Poster SFA
SV2010 I94002B International I9400 2 Poster SBA
SV2011 I94004B International I9400 4 Poster SBA
SV2012 I9400i2B International I9400i 2 Poster SBA
SV2013 I9400i4B International I9400i 4 Poster SBA
SV2014 I9900i2F International I9900i 2 Poster SFA
SV2015 I9900i4F International I9900i 4 Poster SFA
SV2016 I7400i2B International I7400i 2 Poster SBA
SV2017 I7400i4B International I7400i 4 Poster SBA
SV2018 I7600i2B International I7600i 2 poster SBA
SV2019 I7600i4B International I7600i 4 poster SBA
SV2020 IPRO-2B International Prostar 2 poster
SV2021 IPRO-4B International Prostar 4 poster